Stained-GlassLittle has changed in the creation of stained glass pieces in the last thousand years. To some, it may seem that this art forms required attention to detail, and the craftsmanship it demands is all part of that distant past. This is not the case at Kits Glass.

We hand make all our stained glass pieces in the time-honored way. We embrace the past while keeping an eye on the present; celebrating the union of tradition and innovation.

facilities-stainedglass2The artists at Kits Glass can create a glass work to enhance any setting. A door or window can come alive with the magic of stained glass and the dynamic relationship that exists between light and glass. From traditional to bold contemporary, Kits Glass offers an unlimited range of design possibilities.

Custom Sandblasted Glass Exterior Door Flowing Design
Custom Stained Glass Exterior Window Flowing Design
Traditional Custom Stained Glass

This flowing design on exterior doors creates an unforgettable first impression. The pattern continues to flow on a window.

Various glass types are incorporated with traditional stained glass to create a truly unique piece.

Custom Sandblasted Glass Exquisite French Door

This exquisite french door design is a timeless classic; the perfect union of form and function.

Vine Custom Stained Glass

This stylized vine stained glass piece successfully merges the interior with the outdoors.

Custom Stained Glass Elegant Visual Textures

Elegant visual textures create a stunning sidelite and transom combination.

Custom Stained Glass Door Geometrically Pattern

State of the art modernism abounds in these geometrically patterned glass doors.

Custom Stained Glass Victorian Design French Door

Brightly colored glass adds a distinctive flair to this Victorian French door design.

Custom Stained Glass Classic French Door

The classic beauty of this french door and matching sidelite are a testament to good taste.

Custom Double French Door Stained Glass

These double French doors are an eloquent example of the unlimited design possibilities that stained glass has to offer.

Custom Bands of Textured Stained Glass

Bands of textured glass, with varying thicknesses of lead can be combined to form a refined contemporary entrance.

Custom Stained Glass Linear Design

This simple linear design with minimal use of color and subtly textured glass is in perfect harmony with the tall narrow openings.