Decorative Glass

An all-encompassing name for many types of colored & textured glass.

Stained Glass or Art Glass

Stained GlassGlass with many variations in textures, colors, and appearances.


Facilities DrillA method of etching glass using abrasive silica.


Successive etching of glass that produces a relief effect.

Painted & Fired

A process where a design is painted on glass then fired in a kiln at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit fusing the paint to the glass (as seen in many cathedrals and churches worldwide).

Wrought Iron

Round or flat ornamental, forged or welded iron. At Kits Glass we incorporate wrought iron into sealed units, producing attractive decorative products.

Channel (Caming)

The metal channel that holds the decorative glass together and provides the design form and structural integrity of the unit.

Single Glazed

A single panel of glass (not sealed).

Decorative Stained Glass Sealed Unit

The decorative panel is placed between two panes of glass, usually tempered for additional strength, security and insulation.

Tempered Glass

Glass that has been heat-treated to increase strength to 4 times over annealed glass. If broken, tempered glass fractures into small diced pieces rather than sharp shards.

Annealed Glass

Non-tempered glass. The most common glass used in windows.

Beveled Glass

A glass edge cut at an angle. When light hits the angle it produces a prismatic (light separation) effect, which highlights the glasswork and creates a spectrum of color.


Similar to beveled glass but with many small multifaceted glass surfaces.

Compatible Borderline Products

Compatible Products

  • Quanex GS-1 Silicone
  • Quanex GS-3 Silicone
  • Quanex Edgetherm HM 3000
  • 3M Hot Melt
  • Adseal Sealant Adhesive
  • Adsil RTV Silicone
  • Bloem Renoseal
  • CRL Silicone 33-S
  • CSL Silicone #535White
  • DAP Silicone Sealant
  • DOW Corning 790, 791, 795, 899, 1199 and Q3-6093 Silicone
  • Duo-Sil Urethane-Acrylic Sealant
  • Everbuild Technic 825
  • Evertite Silicone Caulk
  • GE Siliglaze II SCS 2800
  • GE SSG 4000AC Silicone
  • Contractor’s Weatherproofing and General Purpose silicones,Instant Glaze I
  • GE Trademate & XST Silicone
  • Geocel 8150 Silicone
  • KAWO Elastokitt
  • Novaflex SB Silicone
  • PRC 4400
  • Pecora 896 Silicone
  • Pens Vidrio Doble silicone
  • Premier 150 & 450
  • Red Devil Lifetime Clear
  • Schnee-Morehead 2100 & 5731
  • SIKA Sil-N-Plus & IG16
  • Tremco Vulkem 921, TremGlaze s100,s300,s500,s700,s900 & Proglaze II
  • Wacker Elastosil W-148

Borderline Compatible

  • Dow Corning Instant Glaze II
  • Dry Seal MP Silicone
  • Geocel Duraseal
  • Guertin 1058 & 1073
  • HPA S605
  • Instant Glaze II
  • Isoseal 2000FC
  • Magic Seal
  • Novagard Novaflex
  • Pecora Dynoseal
  • PRC Rapid Seal
  • Schnee Morehead 5555
  • Sikaflex 552 & 721 VP
  • Tremco Dymonic Fast-Cure & Mono 555
  • Tremglaze S100 & U1600
  • Vulkem 116C Urethane

Incompatible Products

Technical Information Effective 2013

Compatibility of glazing compounds with Kits Glass Sealed Units


  • Aqua Caulk
  • Contech Acrylic Latex
  • DAP 230
  • Gibson-Holman Acrylic
  • Latex (general)
  • Liquid Seal Latex(siliconized)
  • Pecora AC-20
  • Premier 9500
  • Schnee Morehead 8200,8400 & 8500
  • Tremco Acrylic Latex/Super Latex
  • Tremco Tremglaze UA 1300
  • Woodtone Siliconized Caulk

INCOMPATIBLE Non-Latex Sealants

  • Adco Butyl AP-77
  • AFM Safecoat
  • CLKop-R-Bond Clear
  • Deal-Seal, Deal International
  • Dry Seal UN silicone
  • FD-plast N silicone
  • Geocel 2300
  • Guertin /GS 1022 & 1053
  • Linseed oil putty
  • Momentive IGS 3723
  • PTI-757 Butyl
  • Permapol RC-1
  • Selena USA Tytan WD20 silicone
  • Sherwin Williams C-950A
  • Sikaflex AT Connection
  • Somaca 88R Silicone
  • Solar Seal #900
  • Tremco 830 & TremPro 644
  • VIZSI Butyl 553 VBA

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