SandblastingThe concept of sandblasting glass came from the observation that windows in seaside buildings were etched and dulled by the impact of sand being constantly blown against them. From those humble beginnings, sandblasted glass has developed into an artform of unparalleled beauty and unlimited possibilities.

Facilities DrillStarting with your idea, a Kits Glass artist will create a personalized design to match your specifications, be it a simple frost, or a dramatic deep carve. In the skilled hands of our artisans; doorlites, sidelites, transoms, windows or glass dividers can become a work of art, expressing your taste and adding a unique element to any home or workplace.

Custom Sandblasted Glass Beaver Bird Design
Custom Sandblasted Glass Flowing Design
Custom Sandblasted Glass Chiseled Top

Design possibilities are virtually endless in the sandblasting medium. Animal designs are always popular.

This flowing design allows several sandblasted textures to be incorporated in one piece. When utilized in a series of connecting panels, as in sidelites or a glass dividing wall, it makes a bold visual statement.

Glass pieces can be designed to compliment any theme. A chiseled top provides a dramatic touch to this partition, created to match the wallpaper border.

Custom Sandblasted Glass Geometric Design

A simple geometric design adds a classic element to this window nook, while providing total privacy.

Custom Sandblasted Glass Contemporary Stand

This contemporary stand alone work graphically demonstrates the subtleties of texture that can be achieved in the sandblasting process.

Custom Sandblasted Glass Mundane Custom Design

Turn mundane to one of a kind. A kitchen window comes alive with a customized design.

Custom Sandblasted Glass Beveled Vine Pattern
Custom Sandblasted Glass Window Beveled Vine Pattern

Design themes can be striking when carried throughout a home. French doors and a window with a beveled vine pattern compliment each other beautifully.