RestorationsStained glass has traditionally been an art form rooted in the great medieval cathedrals of Europe, with religion as its inspiration.

To the medieval mind, stained glass possessed a magical quality which had the power to transform ones soul. Even today, there are few who are not moved as they stand beneath a church’s stained glass windows, enveloped in a sea of colors and detailed patterns. Ecclesiastical windows created by Kits Glass, traditional or contemporary, express spirituality in new forms. Every creation is an inspiration in itself.

Some examples of our work are: “The Pentecost” window in St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church, “The Four Elements” windows in Westminster Abbey, in Mission BC, “The Generations Window” St. Stephen’s Church in Summerland BC, and the “Crucifixion Window” in the Church of Saint John the Divine in Victoria BC.


Stained Glass windows dull, and in time, buckle under their own weight. Kits Glass specializes in restoring these windows to their original splendor.

Aside from providing window restoration, Kits Glass also offers protective window covering which protects them from damage and pollution as well as limiting sound. They are also energy efficient.

Stained Glass St. Andrew

This window boldly depicts the incredible detail that can be achieved in the traditional art of glass painting and firing.

Stained Glass Golden Jerusalem

This vividly colored and detailed piece recalls the glory of medieval times.

Stained Glass Be Ye Fishers of Man

Traditional painting and firing were incorporated to create this rich, deeply colored window.

Silverstain Non Deonminational Stained Glass Window

Against a background of antique glass and intricate lead caming, a simple stylized cross emerges. Silverstain was kiln fused onto the glass to create the effect.

The Pentacost Stained Glass Window

The Pentecost Window located in St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church, Vancouver, British Columbia is a modern take on an ancient art form. Bold slashes of brilliant colors create a truly contemporary spiritual statement.

Striking bell spire named Welcoming Light

This impressive bell spire named “Welcoming Light” at Vancouver’s Christ Church Cathedral, is made up of 204 stained glass panels. It was completed in November 2017.

Striking crucification window in the Church of Saint John the Divine in Victoria BC

This striking window in the Church of Saint John the Divine in Victoria BC, was created with 3 three layers of float and beveled glass and was laminated, giving it its illuminous appearance.

The Generations Window in St. Stephen’s Church in Summerland BC

“The Generations Window” in St. Stephen’s Church in Summerland BC, was commissioned to commemorate the Church’s 75th anniversary. The window shows images of actual parishioners who were baptized in the church, one image representing one year. The glass was painted, silk screened and etched.

Burnaby Jamathkana Mosque in Burnaby BC

Kits Glass also created “The Golden Keys” windows at the Burnaby Jamathkana in Burnaby BC.

Trinity Windows 2
Trinity Windows 3
Trinity Windows 4

The “silver” light of the sun of ancient Latvian poetry was symbolically recreated in the 30 windows of St. Andrews Lutheran Church  in Toronto, ON. The theme was the Tri-Unity of God. Hence their name The Trinity Windows.

The Four Elements Windows

Kits Glass assisted Glass Artist Lutz Haufschild with the installation of “The Four Elements” windows in Westminster Abbey, in Mission, BC.