Kitsilano Stained Glass Ltd. warrants its insulating decorative glass units to be free from substantial obstruction of vision from dust or film formation, or moisture accumulation between the sealed panes of glass resulting from a failure of the perimeter seal due to defective materials or workmanship.


This warranty is in effect for a period of five years from date of manufacture and subject to the terms listed below.


This warranty shall not apply if the failure of the seal is caused by: Acts of God, an intervening cause, mishandling, misuse, improper installation, installation by persons that are not qualified glaziers, glazed in skylight applications and/or slope glazing, or by any other cause whatsoever not within our exclusive control.


During the first five years, any glass requiring replacement or repair is to be delivered to Kits Glass at no charge for examination, and determination of fault. It is then at our discretion whether the unit will be re-sealed or replaced at no cost to the customer.
Any glass replaced or re-sealed under this warranty is limited to the original warranty period, and shall not be extended beyond the original five years.


Any claims must be delivered to us within thirty days of the seal failure.


A warranty is not provided if coatings or films are applied to the glass by others, or if an insulating glass unit is installed in any type of boat, aircraft, mobile vehicle, sauna, swimming pool, green house, solarium, or any other utilization where high humidity may be a factor in the failure of a sealed glass unit.